VoolUp in Modern Activities


Can anyone explain clearly VLooup Activity from Modern design activities.

didn’t get it clearly.


Hi @saritha ,

Vlookup activity is the replacement of vlookup mechanism in excel formula.

Vlookup activity have multiple properties.

  1. Value to lookup → which column we have to refer(mostly unique id column or relationship column we have to select for the different sheets)

  2. in range → select the whole range of referring sheet.

  3. Column index → index of the column value we have to get for the referring sheet

  4. if you want to do exact match you have to select the check box exact match. if you don’t select it will search for contains match.

  5. save to → we have to select the column which the values need to store.

Vlookup is used to get only one value with the match. we have to use this activity in for each excel row to loop through all rows to get the mtached values by using vlookup activity.

For your understanding i have created sample flow and used sample test excel file to get matched values between tow sheets by using vlookup activity. i hope you will get some information on vlookup activity. thanks.

vlookupDemo.zip (10.8 KB)

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Thanks a lot Kiran. Thank you for ur pictorial representation. Will look at it now.

Have a good day.

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Your most welcome @saritha

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