Voice enabled RPA-AI improvements

Voice enabled RPA-AI’s Google Speech To Text
Only the last phrase is output as text.
The output panel shows all phrases.
I want to create minutes from conversations with multiple people.
Make sure you can output a text file each time it is displayed in the output panel.
Add yyyyMMdd_hhmmss + milliseconds to the file name.
Collect the resulting files in one place, sort by file name,
I think that the minutes can be completed by merging into one file.

Hi @ken_infield

Could you elaborate on your use-case? I temporarily moved your topic to a more suitable category, as it seems like it is a question rather than feedback.

Feel free to provide more context though.

@loginerror Thank you.
This is a google translation of Japanese.

This is an improvement proposal of Google SpeechToText.
1: Only the last phrase is output to text, so please improve so that all phrases are output to one file.
2: I want output a file for each converted phrase.
It’s like this.

Use Case
Conference attendees bring a PC with a microphone.
UiPath Studio or Assistant is installed on the PC.
Enter the meeting name and your name before starting GoogleSpeechToText.
Start GoogleSpeechToText
Stop GoogleSpeechToText
check each phrase, a text file for each phrase is output to the specified folder.

If you improve like this
I can make the output text into one by myself with Uipath.
This completes the minutes.


I’ve sent a reply, so please have a look.:eyes:

2020年5月6日(水) 21:55 Maciej via UiPath Community Forum <uipath@discoursemail.com>:

Thanks, we’ll record it for our team to consider :slight_smile:

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.