Voice enabled RPA - AI - Component

Hello All,
I am trying to use the available “Voice enabled RPA - AI” component which is available in the Market place but couldn’t get the proper steps to get through.

If anyone has used this, appreciate your help on this. Also, please do share if there is any document or similar features available in already.

Note: i am trying to build Speech to text gets saved in Notepad.

This is a workflow for Japanese.
Replace google cloud platform service account_key with your JSON FILE.
Also the language setting.
Good luck.
Google_Speach_to_Text.zip (23.9 キロバイト)

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I am getting an error as "Speech to text: Status(StatusCode=PermissionDenied, Detail=“Cloud Speech-to-Text API has not been used in project”, even after enabling in the google Cloud Platform. If possible, can you share the steps to got thru for this service account please.

I should have set this as a reference.
This is a Japanese site.
(I don’t remember how to set it, I’m sorry)