VM Cloning (Uipath License key not working)

Hi Team,

I have a VM machine in which uipath studio and robot installed which is enterprise version

and replica of VM is created on which uipath studio worked for 3 4 days after which I got the error “Local license is required”

Can I know what is this error

Thanks and Regards,’
Supriya Galentic

You should license the local studio after the clone si done.

Otherwise license via Orchestrator and you will not run into issues.

Hi @alexandru

Same license is key is used for local studio and clone machine?

Thanks and Regards,
Supriya Galentic

Not sure I get your question. Can you please detail the steps you are performing and what you try to accomplish?

Hi @alexandru

1)Having a VM in which uipath is installed (license)
2)cloned the above VM and created a cloned VM which will have uipath

will Uipath work in VM and cloned VM with same license key?

Thanks and Regrads,

Hi @supu123

I would suggest you to contact our technical support via this form:

Or directly our licensing support here: