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In the first workbook i don’t know the exact number of sheets and in second workbook i want to do vlookup how i can achieve this??

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Parvati Thalal

You can use workbook.getsheets to determine the number of worksheets.

What VLookup are you trying to achieve, in the same workbook or across workbooks?


Get the count of worksheets by looping thru the workbooks.

index = 0
for each wkb in workbooks
index = index +1

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Please have a look here:

There are some useful information how to proceed with excel where the number of sheets are unknown.

in different workbook

i also want to do vlookup but not in the same workbook??/
solution for this?

As VLOOKUP has known structure like: image
You can just define in which cell activity will do Type Into with previously prepared string with VLOOKUP. It’s just example but there can be other approach like Click here, Click there, Type Into there etc.

but how can i use click and type into in excel for vlookup???

Just for an example:
But you are asking for basic activities which are covered by our Level 1 - Foundation Training on https://academy.uipath.com. Please try it out. You wouldn’t believe how many useful things you can learn from it :slight_smile:

you are not getting my point/…

IF you want to automate it as a user would,

Open both workbooks using excel application scope and ensure you pass out the workbook as the out parameter.

You can then type in your formulas by using Excel application scope to select which workbook you have focus on.


Use write cell Activity and write the Vlookup formula in the range of you excel.
sample workings,
Vlookup.xaml (6.3 KB)

Suresh J

this may help: Accurate VLookup in UiPath (2020) | Uipath Excel Automation | Uipath ExpoHub - YouTube