Vlookup with Variable for a file name - Help Required

Thats the error - [[Write Cell: The data you want to write “=VLOOKUP(B5,[fileabc 28-03-2020.xlsx]SQLExport!$A$2:$G$33000,1,0)” has a wrong format, or Excel is busy. If your data is a formula, make sure you use comma as parameters separator. Please check that you are not editing a value and that no dialog windows are opened.]]

and the formula is “=VLOOKUP(B5,[”+fileName+"]SQLExport!$A$2:$G$33000,1,0)"

and fileName = Path2.Split("".ToCharArray).Last

Try with formula like this in write cell activity as input

But make sure that this formula is working when used manually in excel file

And also if the Filename path is same as the file that we are trying to access
Then first get the data from that excel file as a datatable with read range activity
Write this datatable to another excel file with write range activity

So that we can use this new excel file as path to Filename property

Cheers @KP6689