Vlookup: TypeConverter cannot convert from System.Double

I use vlookup in my workflow where the following error occurs .
Please help regarding this


Check whether the data types of the lookup value and the values in the lookup range are compatible. For example, if you are performing a VLookup on a column with numbers, make sure that the lookup value is also a number.

I can see the place where u want to save the value in the sheet “SAPS QTY”
Make sure the datatype of the value u r getting is same as the place where u r saving
Or convert accordingly by including .ToString or to convert as a double value Convert.ToDouble(……your value…)

Hope this helps
Cheers @Karthik_Gowda1

Thank you for responding ,
the lookup values and lookup are compatible because the same data is pasted in the other sheet which i am trying to lookup . i am trying to get the quantity against the order number , i have applied the vlookup for the order number and find the corresponding quantity to be pasted in the in the saps qty .
error message is as follows:
VLookup: TypeConverter cannot convert from System.Double.

i will also attach my excel sheet pics