Vlookup Output(By Bot) is mismatching with Manual Vlookup values

Hi All,

I Already discussed this, I got the solution for how to perform the vlookup but when I perform the vlookup in Uipath the output of the vlookup is mismatching with the vlookup output(after performing manually).
I meant the output from uipath contains “500records” but in manual vlookup output contains “552records” anyone please help me to resolve please.


There can be two reasons
-either we would have missed few conditions and validation while doing manually
-we would have missed to include that in UiPath workflow

Pls check this and debug accordingly

Cheers @HeartCatcher

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Hi @Palaniyappan,

I tried as you said and also verified the manually applied vlookup sheet it is correct.
But when I do the same in UIpath I am getting lesser than the actual data.
Please refer sheet 1(manually performed Vlookup Output)
Sheet 4 done through Uipath.Spice Money Payments_SEP333’21.xlsx (284.3 KB)
Let me know what is the wrong.


May we ask you to give us more details within the format
what is input, what is expected output
Thanks for support

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Spice Money Payments_SEP333’21.xlsx (276.7 KB)
Pivot_Output.xlsx (42.2 KB)
Need to take Vlookup from Spice Money Payments excel based on the unique column “SET ID” in “Q” Column from sheet1 along with Pivot_Output excel based on the unique value “Lookup” in sheet 4.
Then the matched output should be written in Spice Money Payments sheet under the column “AA”(Column R).
After that in Spice Money Payments need to filter the “contra” column (Column “O”) here need to keep only blanks and remaining data to be ignore.
Then in Spice Money Payments need to filter the column “AA” with only blanks.
then the output will be in Spice Money Payments excel file.


Any update please