Vlookup is slow and taking 1 hour to process


Rawreportdt has 60,653 row
testdt has 1,94,000 row

Using Vlookup and getting the value from testdt. and its taking more than 1 hour to complete, Is this normal as we are processing more than 1 lakh record ?

Please let me know if there any other ways to speed up the vlookup process


Hi @Fresher ,

Maybe the Similar Operation could be performed using Join Datatables Activity. Have you tried it ?

Let us know if you need help in the setup of the activity.

Hi @supermanPunch - Thanks for your time, would be great if you assist me with join data table

@Fresher ,

Could you let us know what is that you’re trying to perform by using a Sample data from the Original Data and Also provide it’s Expected Output. So that we can be clear on the Column Matches that we would need to perform.

you can use linq in that case