Vlookup in Datatable - check a value is present in another datatable

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I have two datatables. DT1 & DT2 . want to perform a vlookup .

from DT1 a value needs to be searched in DT2 when found, retrieve adjacent value or the row index of value found


@armamidwar Bro you can use two For Each Row Activity.

Put one into another. Take DT1 value and take DT2 value by Get Row Item. Use the IF Condition to check the first value is Equal to 2nd value. If match you can retrieve those values you want.

Michael Udhaya

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Hi Mic, thanks again.

want to return a Boolean value . if present then yes or else no .

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@armamidwar Bro, you can use Assign Activity to set the Boolean value to True or False. Put the True assistant if you got that value(in the then block in If condition) and break that loop. Other set the False value in the else block.

Ask me if any doubt!

Michael Udhaya

@Michael_Udhaya could you elaborate on how to do the above ?