Vlookup for excel

Hello all, here I want to use vlookup. but I have column name company name is not exactly match with party name.
Company name|Party Name|tally Head| OP
Adani |adani |Cfs expenses |I used =VLOOKUP(B2,C2:D11,2,0)
but small of adani and Capital Adani are not going to match . So i can not able to extract value Tally Head.
Please help me…


You are doing exact match with Vlookup formula that’s why it is not matching. go with the following formula with approximate match =VLOOKUP(B2,C2:D11,2,1) 0- meant for exact match and 1- meant for approximate match. try and let me know if it works. thanks.


Hello ,
Here I have multiple ways how to do VLOOKUP (including multiple files):