VLook Up?

Hi. Is there an ability for Studio X to pull a value (ie from a website), and place it beside a cell in Excel by referencing the content in that cell? For example, you obtain a value “10 Cats” from the a website and you have to input it beside the cell with value, “Number of Animals”. However “Number of Animals” can sometime be on line 1 or line 5. Is there an ability for UiPath to look up the cell that has “Number of Animals” and place the “10 Cats” in the cell next to it? I saw there was a VLook Up “action” to choose from so I think this is possible? Thanks!

Vlookup will bring the corresponding value, not the row index.
I recommend the following:

  • filter the Excel file on the specific column to find the correct line to insert to
  • use For each row to go through the filtered rows (ideally only one)

    You can do For each row from the beginning, but filtering the data first makes it much faster.
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Thank you. I actually re-watched the currency converter video and found it in there as well.

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