VisualBasicValue<Boolean>: Object reference not setto an instance of an object

Hi I made a code in which at the end of the process i am getting this error. No matter if the process was successful or exception were encountered. This particular error never went away.

This error comes in the farmework level after the process transaction has compiled and before going into the end process.

What could be the reason for this and how can i solve it.

The object reference not set to an instance of an object error usually occurs if there are two variables of the same name.
It also occurs when initialization is not accurate. Check for variable initializations.

Please share the error screenshot for more information.

@songoel I can share the screen shot due to privacy issues but if i am not able to locate the error then what method should i use to find out

Debug the process and set breakpoints

Try clicking, remove unused variables.

Then check for any data structures like arrays, lists, data tables. Initialize them appropriately.

If the issue still exists, check loops for object types.