Visual studio c# code not working in uipath invoke code activity


I have written a c# code to find column header in excel which is working fine in visual studio but if i run the same code in uipath invoke code activity am facing error. I have also imported/installed (“Microsoft .office.interop.Excel”). Could someone please help me on this?

Hi @Jagadesh2494,


XlLookAt is enum it inherits

Omkar P

Sorry I didnt get you, could you please elaborate? Or could tou please procide what code should be used there?

please show me 20 th line of your code in editor

put this below line before XlLookAt


please try both ways
In 22 line LookAt:Excel.XlLookAt.xlWhole remove and place Type:1
because it is enum typle
2)In 22 line LookAt:1

Thanks, i will try this and get back to you😊

Thanks it worked :slight_smile:

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