Visual Indicator for Mandatory Argument values in Assistant UI

If Arguments are marked as IsRequired in Studio, they are marked with an asterisk symbol when deployed to Orchestrator.

However when accessed in Assistant, there is no indicator for required arguments.

If you are not the developer of the automation, users will be confused because if they do not provide all required argument values, the Save button remains disabled with no explanation for the user.

It would be great if the Mandatory arguments are either:

  • Highlighted with an Asterisk just as they are in the Orchestrator
  • Have a different label color in the labeling of their names or styling of their text boxes (like a Red border for example)

Thanks and sorry if I missed something in the UiPath Assistant documentation.


Thanks a lot @AndyMenon for the feedback and especially for the video :slight_smile: !

You’re feedback is 100% valid. We will look how we can fix this.

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Thank you @radutzp ! Looking forward to this change. :slight_smile: :+1: