Visible rows count

Hello Community,

I have copied 2000 rows of data from a table and pasted in a new sheet and applied remove duplicates for it. Then using read range activity with visible rows enabled option, im trying to read the count of rows. instead of showing as 100, it shows 2000 again.
Do i need to change something here to make it to show as 100?



Did you hide the rows ?

visible rows will read all the rows that are unhidden


No . I just applied remove duplicate and now only 100 rows are visible for me.
I need the same output as 100

Hi @GaneshPalaniappan ,

When Applied Remove Duplicates Activity, It should delete the rows from the Excel Sheet. Meaning the available rows should be the total count and there shouldn’t be any hidden rows available if not previously hidden.

Also do ensure the Remove Duplicates Activity is properly configured by adding the Column names which should be taken into consideration for Duplication.

Let us know if you are still facing issues and if possible do provide screenshots of the implementation to help further.

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