Visa application process

good Morning rpa Community

I am currently working on a process which is " visa application process "
I did the information extraction and document classification
Unfortunately, I am stuck in the decision making step that should be done by the robot

your ideas and feedback will be enormously helpful

Hi @Amani_Boukadidaaa,

I am assuming you are working on a real life visa application process.
If so, asking members in the forum about business rules is not a good idea especially when you are dealing with Visa Applications.

I suggest you discuss the rules with the correct officials. For example, people who are case handlers of visa application and note all the business rules correctly. You can do this in form of a brainstorming session where the case handlers help you identify all possible scenarios in the process.

This is a senstive business process and you would want to get all the business rules right the first time especially when it is a robot handling a visa case.

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thank you sir
it helps a lot
First While studying the use case I found that the decision making is critical and I decided to just build a robot that receives the document, do the classification, the payment process, the robot will ask for missed documents and the decision making will be done by human

then I considered the decision making as a challenge that I will add to the robot
which needs knowing the rules