VirtualName on click activity is not working!

Hello All,

I tried giving an attribute of VirtualName on the click activity but it failed to validate!

“It is an windows application which is a selector based”

Could anybody help me on this?

Make sure the page you are trying to click is opened in the background so that UiPath will recognize the particular ID or tag @RajaChristopher. Otherwise, it won’t validate

Yes it’s open! that’s not the problem now.

If i exclude the virtualname attribute and make the other attributes checked it validates and that works!
the data what i want is under the virtualname property alone. that’s the concern now!

You can pass wild card entry in the attribute you want. Hope this helps

You can get value from the get attribute activity. If that helps

yes i can achieve through get attribute activity under the virtualName attribute. anyhow i’ll have to pass those elements through Click Activity only . where it results in the same issue again. That’s the concern!

Is there any possibility to include virtualname property on the click activity?

Pass wild card in that if that’s creating problem in picking other entries!!!

tried passing wildcard selectors too. even that didn’t help! :frowning:

Hi @RajaChristopher

Sorry for delay in response, do tag me in future easier for me to understand to reply on the topic :slight_smile:

Can you pass me the project you are using ?