Virtual Automation Bootcamp with StudioX - The Reconciliation of Two Reports

Thanks for the clarification @daniel.katona !

Interesting use-case, but I have my skepticism, particularly on a workflow that depends too much on I/O. Nevertheless, this was cautioned in the “Download File action” section. I had observed errors in my experimentation runs, but could not repeat them again, such variations in the reconciliation figures, stoppages in I/O (during downloading of the invoices), interference cause by other Window’s activities, etc.

When I run my project,it always stuck at the "Insert Column"step,as the picture shows below,need your suggestions,thx :thinking:

Has anyone else had issues with the final activity? I got everything else to work, downloading the files, getting the name of the month from the scratchpad tab, etc., but for some reason the “reconcile” column is always left blank. I don’t get any errors - I also looked at the solution and I don’t see any differences.

Hi Ben,

  1. Sorry, this is not yet completed. The “Reconcile” column should not be “blank”, it should either be a “0” or a difference of the reconciling figures.
  2. As you are not getting any error, I would guess of the case of missing sequence.
  3. Yes, the solution provided is incomplete/ may be issues with package version, not sure of the actual problem - did not go about to find out of the specific.