Virtual/Augmented Reality + RPA?

Hey folks!

Have any of you all used VR recently? The Oculus Quest is mindblowing, and has me hoping immersive computing is our future.

Imagine something as mundane as working in a spreadsheet, but in a completely enveloped space. I’ve tried it, and it’s strangely relaxing/focusing, and frankly, more fun than working on a 2d screen.

Anyone explored this arena? Can you think of any use cases for RPA?

Perhaps we can create a Connect project mixing RPA and VR / AR?


hey - you asked about UiPath & VR - I am playing with a Occulus Quest 2 and built out this concept site … works on PC and mobile without headset set too … static at moment, but I will use robot to capture and refresh the Orchestrator and Process Mining 360-images so you get almost live images as the dashboards change … use your mobile to visit public site here:

YouTube version with Robot Activation (RobotJS)…