Violations Robot Output Error

How to resolve when Violations Robot Output Error is obtained?

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Check out the DMLib library from TFS and make few changes to ensure it compiles (remove Login.xaml, remove Login Attended.xaml and all the references to it. Implement Login 2.0 and test the CustomerViolations project with the new DMLib)
  2. Check out the CustomerViolations project from TFS and debug through it to ensure it works.
  3. Publish to the UAT, and test it from Robot Tray. If all works well, publish the new version of the process to Orchestrator Prod and update it. Now test on the Production Robot
  4. Run the automation and first publish the library, publish the process that is pointing to the new version of the library, then import the library and the process in production.
  5. Fix the selector issue by placing the Assets within the corresponding modern folder
  6. Add a bunch of WriteLine statements to identify why the rows are not being written to Excel spreadsheets
  7. Using Int32.TryParse, works up until 2^32-1 or 2147483647. If the accounts are 8XXXXXXXXX series, then it returns false and rows are not added.

Resolution : Change to Int64.TryParse for the records to be populated.