Viewing the running process with RDP, we do get none, one or two application errors (cannot find ui element) and by not viewing with RDP we get serveral application errors

Our situation: We are running with Orchestrator a unattanded process between two web applications (one on IE and one in Chrome). The process is running on a windows 7 vdi enviroment. If we run the process and view it with logging in on the robot vdi enviroment with RDP we almost do not get any application errors (cannot find ui elements). If we run the process and we do not view with RDP we got serveral application errors. We use maximize window our process step, but that doesn’t seem to help. Any suggestions?

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Is some of the properties like in click activity is enabled with property simulate click
And in type into activity simulate type property is enabled or not
Kindly check with them once
If they are enabled and still facing any issue
Kindly try with send hot activity with keys like tab to navigate across the fields and buttons
Use n number of send hot key activity with key as tab until we reach the field or button and once after reaching use send hot key activity with key as enter

And similarly use a simple type into activity without selecting any elements to type in once after send hot key activity to reach a edit field,

That’s is more reliable
Cheers @jtjemmes

while opening or doing operations in browsers …try to do them in "NATIVE CTIRIX " activity ,

Thnx Palaniyappan, that does the job!:slight_smile:

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