Viewing the logs of a job that faulted

I’m currently using UiPath 6.2. And I’m having trouble finding the exact log for a faulted job. When I click the details button of a faulted job all I get in the info is “The operation has timed out”. So then I check the start and end times of these faulted robots. I compare those times with the LOGS tab and for some reason I can’t find the robot based on the times given by the JOBS detail tab. I want to figure out why exactly “The operation has timed out”. So then that way I can go to the correct overflow and modify it.

The Execution Logs are located in your Appdata folder. So “c:\users<username>\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs” and might be a hidden folder

It might be hard to understand at first, but basically when a step faults it will start saying “Cancelled” on all the following steps so you can kind of track the spot where it errored.

Hope that helps!

I’m not finding that. Is that the same thing as the LOGS tab on orchestrator?

Did you find the AppData/…/UiPath folder? It will be in the same folder as your Documents, Desktop, etc. but might be hidden. If it’s hidden you can go to “Folder Options” by using search bar on taskbar, then choosing “Show hidden folders”. (Or you can also type the AppData path in manually in the address bar).

I did search for it in the search bar by typing the path… I could find it

There is a shortcut also open uipath studio and press CTRL + L it will open the log files folder .Try it once

Hi, Could any one please help on the following.
My orchestrator is scheduled with UTC - 6 central (US Canada ) time zone but when i check the logs from JOBS it shows some different timing altogether (UTC) Coordinated Universal Time.I could not find the exact reason for the difference in Orchestrator time and the logs time. Any help in this regards would be greatly appreciated.

Is there a way to load old logs in UiPath’s Output window?
What’s the best way to view/search/filter logs?

I think the best way to do this is through kibana(if you have it) or any elastic search connector.

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