Viewing Package Capabilities

I installed several packages from Ellie Mae and am trying to see what functionality they provide. Is there a way to see activities or utility provided through UI Path? I wasn’t able to find any documentation from the publisher.


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Sorry I didn’t get you. Can you tell more details about your issue.

I am trying to work with loans in a software called Encompass through UI Path. I found some packages that work with Encompass, but I don’t see any new activities after installing. Is there a way to see what packages contain?

You’d have to contact whoever wrote it. That is a custom package someone wrote, not an official UiPath package.

Note that caution should be used when downloading packages from third parties like this. They could be malicious.

Anyway, in Studio, at the top of the Activities panel, click the filter button then select all the filters (ie show classic, show modern, etc) then see if you see an activities group for it. Maybe search Encompass and see if anything comes up since they may have that in the name or description of their activities.

It’s also entirely possible there are no activities in the package, only methods.

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Where did you find the packages?