View in Studio snaps away after using Ctrl-X to cut an activity

Hello UiPath Studio Development team, I have an issue I wanted to raise to your attention. I have made a video for you that will hopefully show exactly what’s going on.

In short, when I use Ctrl-X to cut an activity, my view in Studio snaps away from where I cut the activity to a grandparent or great grandparent (or higher) container.

This is disorienting and should absolutely not be happening.

I am using the Community Version of Studio 2022.4.4.

The view has to snap to somewhere. Where do you suggest?


If it were up to me, the container that the activity is cut from. In the video example, the sequence from which the log message is cut would be most appropriate.


I realize it’s pretty disorienting, but if you look at the scroll bar in the video, you’ll get a really good idea of just how far the view snaps.

Spoiler alert: It’s a LONNNNNG way.

Mine doesn’t do this. I wonder if it’s version related. I am using Studio v2021.10.5

Agreed, mine didn’t used to do this, but as a Community License user, my version is automatically updated.

Definitely still happening on the latest 2022.10 Community Preview. I’ll push it to our issues tracker, as I really feel it can be done more gracefully by keeping the view around the place it was at.

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Thank you @loginerror!

I wanted to report back that Studio 2023.12 will change this behaviour and in most cases it will no longer snap to grid as it used to.

The snap-to feature when double clicking an activity is also a problem. It results in unwanted snaps, for example when trying to double click to edit the activity name.

If I’m not mistaken, the whole frustration of things jumping around was tackled as part of this fix.

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