Video - UiPath Excel Automation For Data Analytics

Hello Guys,

I recently created an automation project to showcase the capabilities of UiPath on excel automation. In here, it opens the excel file, and creates a set of analytical charts and emails it to the email address provided.

The source of Data:
The excel file is daily updated from a prior automation process. It monitors a set of given components in UiPath Go! platform for the download count and the ratings. The download counts are stored on the excel on the daily basis.

This data is used by this process shown in the video, to generate daily growth report (that shows the demand for components) and a daily analysis of the downloads on how the trend is…

It’s a simple figure which really looks like there is no much value of… but when put into analytics, see how UiPath robot generates an interesting report which provides lot of insights on a monthly and a daily basis with drill downs…

UiPath Excel Automation - For Data Analytics :slight_smile:

Enjoy the video and as always, mention your great thoughts about this too!! :slight_smile:


thanks for sharing this @Lahiru.Fernando. Great video and explains clearly the significance.

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