Video Issue With UiPath Certification Exam on Pearson OnVue System

Hi Community,

I was wondering if someone could please advise me regarding the below issue.

Today I was scheduled to and attempted to take the UiPath RPA Associate (English) Certification Exam. Since it is done via the Pearson OnVue system, I read and prepared my home work environment according to the requirements in the testing notification email.

I also used their system test tool (UiPath Certified Professional program OnVUE exam information // Pearson VUE) both before and during the exam and everything was good (all green checkmarks).

However, when I checked into the exam and finished queueing, the exam proctor said he could not see my webcam.

On my screen through it showed my webcam very clearly and said “Recording”.

I followed their instructions, restarting the OnVue application twice, and even saw that my camera settings in Windows 10 were on for all apps, including “OnVue”. But the proctors said they could not see my video and eventually I was told to reschedule it to a later date.

I am wondering what I can do to make sure that the proctors are able to see my video for when I attempt to take the exam again.

I have a Dynabook PC (Windows 10 Pro OS) and used their built in WebCam which has always worked on the receiving end (except for today).

Should I instead try to connect to a USB 3.0 webcam and use that instead?
(It is an Elecom UCAM-DLE300T (Japanese manufacturer) )

Your support with this is greatly appreciated.


I found the answer to the solution.

Regularly I am connected to two internet connections at the same time when using my computer.

  1. Ethernet connected to my apartment router via ethernet cable
  2. VPN via my McAfee antivirus software

So, after discussing with Pearson customer support, I temporarily disabled my VPN connection (2) and just used my Ethernet connection (1) during the test.

Then it worked and I was able to take the Certification exam when I rescheduled it.

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