Very slow execution or stopped

Installation :
There are robots are installed on virtual machines. I developed a simple script (open a txt file and read the content after 60 seconds reread the content of the file)

I started the script with orchestrator (Login to console = NO)

At the beginning the robot turns properly, after 1h30 minutes (±) we noticed great slowness (more 300 seconds).

Can you explain whey I have the great slowness. ?


Instead of opening the txt file and reading from GUI, You can directly use Read text file activity

For the slowness related, you check by logging into virtual machines and test the running, or you can check the logs generated

Hope this helps you


The problem is not in reading the txt file. reading is an example. because we have a web application and it crashes in 1h30 when I use (Login to console = NO) and when I use (Login to console = yes) the problem no longer exists. my question why when I use the configuration (Login to console = NO) we have a block in our script and as soon as I connect to the VM the script takes over the execution.