Very first workflow practice - cannot validate aaname selector

Hi everyone!

Really glad to have started learning UiPath Studio. I’m tackling the very first tutorial, Introduction to the RPA Developer Course → Your first Encounter… → Create your first workflow… and even though I’m following all steps carefully to replicate the example in my particular installation I can’t still validate the selector as shown on the tutoral video.

This is what the video shows:

This is what I get:


The only obvious difference I can spot is that the video has <html url='**' /> whereas I have <html title='Google' />.

I have tried pointing and clicking the IExplore window several times to see if the html tag attribute changes from title to url, but to no avail. I don’t know if that’s what making it fail to validate, so I’d appreciate any feedback here.

Note: I also tried changing aaname to '*:?? ?M' but it’s the same problem.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

It looks like the missing html tag is what’s causing it to fail, but choosing the element in UI Explorer will help to correct the selector. There is also a Repair Selector option in UI Explorer which can help correct any bugs in your selector.


Hi Anthony,

Thanks for your prompt reply. Let me try that out and see.

It worked, thanks a lot! :sunglasses:

@david.martinez, Mark the reply you found the most useful as the solution. It will help other community members.


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Hi @Nithin_P, thanks for pointing that out. Just did it :wink:

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