Very Complex Data Scraping Question

Hello ;
i have a very hard question.i need a web scraping from table . i can make it successfully but each table row has a detail page and i need match them so i need a output like this - > 1 row - 1 detail , 2 row - 2.detail

My table Like this

Person Detail
John Doe Detail Button
Jane Doe Detail Button

i need output like this Json Csv excel doesnt matter

John Doe ---- Johns Detail
Jane Doe — Janes Detail

and some times robot doesnt need detail.some times i will say dont pick janes detail etc.

how can i do this ? please save my life :frowning:

Hello @sansar12

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I suppose this is a web application?

You can use the data scraping wizard to scrape the data. If this is a web application, using the wizard you can try to get the detail button ID or a url if it has any. If not, get the scraping done for the rest of the fields. Then, use the UI Explorer to check the selectors for couple of buttons in different rows to see what values change based on each row. Then, you can use a dynamic selector based on that to click on each button.

Once done, use a for each row activity to loop through the main data table. Then, use a click activity to click on the detail button based on the dynamic selector.

Next you have to come up with another set of dynamic selectors to get the expanded details scraped.

Hope this helps

Hello button has no url , button action is a javascript

Hi @sansar12

Can you share the full selector of two buttons that are in two rows…