Versioning Of Published Project Package

What does versioning of a published package mean and how to customize it?

Versioning is used to individually identify published project versions for trace-ability and roll back. By default, on the latest versions of Studio, the versioning would start with something like 1.0.1 and then followed by 1.0.2, 1.0.3 and so on for the subsequent publishes. The versioning should represent the following nomenclature:

  • "".

The default value present on a fresh project might not include the last "version" part, thus only consisting of 3 parts, the "Major.minor,build" numbers. However, if one has an already published project, one might observe the "version" part also attached to the versioning number, something like 1.2.1020.12121. If one is observing something like this, the last version part of the code, gets automatically generated based on the time at which the project is published. Thus, attempting to ensure the version number always remains unique.

Having said the above, the versioning can be completely customized, to the extent of giving one's own version numbers. The only limitation is one can only provide 4 parts to a versioning construct, as explained by the "" naming. Going below 4 parts is possible up to 2 parts, such as publishing a project with only major and minor version numbers (such as 1.2 or 2.0 etc.). However, one cannot go above 4 or below 2 parts. Apart from this restriction, one can pretty much provide any version number you want, even used version numbers can be utilized, but that would replace the existing version, if the published project package is available in the same location where the current version is published to.