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Can uipath studio enterprise and community coexist in the same machine?

Enterprise version is by default installed in C:\Program Files x86\ and community is installed in the users %AppData%\Local folder.

So regarding studio, it shouldn’t present any problem!

In my case, I installed the community first, then the enterprise then activated it and then the community edition stopped working.
Could you help me with your comments.

Now that you say that, I think the problem is that even if they are in separated installation folders, the License folder which holds the information from the license is the same place.
So perhaps it may not possible after all.

Maybe @loginerror has more information and can clarify this for you.

By the way, sorry for not being able to resolve your problem!

Actually, it is not supported. Enterprise installs machine wide robot service while the Community Edition installer installs one per user. By installing both, you end up having two robot services which then leads to execution issues.