Version control - Sync components with Git or Orchestrator

Having a little trouble seeing how to effectively manage version control for re-useable components when using the automation hub. Currently my organization is using Git for storing/updating the source code, and when updates are made to components the new versions are being published to our on premise Orchestrator app. As we’re moving towards the idea of individuals across the business (“Citizen Developers”) becoming more involved in RPA development, I’d like to start to involve the Automation Hub in how we manage re-useable components. I can’t find any obvious or easy way to link the Automation Hub to the Orchestrator. The same is true for the Git repos.

What’s the best way to ensure the Automation Hub marketplace stays in Sync with our Orchestrator Libraries in terms of versioning? Maintaining the libraries in 2 independent places is not the way we want to go. Is there any way to automatically update the automation hub components if/when updates are made to the Git repo or the Orchestrator library?