Version conflict while using custom Library

Hi All,

I am using UiPath Studio version 20.4.1. I have tried to use the custom library which has the below project dependencies,

“Extended.Wpf.Toolkit”: “3.8.1”,
“Microsoft.Activities”: “1.0.1”,
“UiPath”: “20.10.7573.33439”,
“UiPath.Excel.Activities”: “2.8.6”,
“UiPath.Mail.Activities”: “1.8.6”,
“UiPath.System.Activities”: “20.4.0”,
“UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities”: “20.4.3”,
“UiPath.Word.Activities”: “1.4.3”

While using this custom library inside my project I am facing errors like below,

"NU1107: Version conflict detected for UiPath. Install/reference UiPath 20.10.7573.33439 directly to project Sample project to resolve this issue.
Sample project -> XXX.YYY.Components 1.0.1 -> UiPath (>= 20.10.7573.33439)
Sample project -> UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities 20.4.3 -> UiPath (= 20.4.7537.15740).

Can anyone please help me to resolve this issue?

Hi @Suwith01

Have you resolved your issue?