Verifying action has occurred correctly

Hi there

I am looking for ideas to verify actions has happened correctly.
Ex. When clicking link and navigating to a new page.

Ex. When clicking sublimt button and waiting for page to refresh/change

Just looking for good practices to make sure my robot wont fail on simple stuff either :slight_smile:

Hello @JDK

You can always use several activities to make sure a page is loaded when navigating to other pages in browser based applications.

The activities that come in handy for this are:

  • On Element Appear
  • Element Exists
  • Rety Scope - Comes in handy in case you need to retry loading the page again and again until it is loaded. Comes in very handy for slow web pages…

I have a workflow template that I have published for page load handler with retry…

Use of these will make sure the robot won’t fail in those scenarios :slight_smile: