Verify The SQL Server Host Accessibility With The Supplied Credentials

How to troubleshoot "Verify the SQL server host and make sure that it is accessible with the supplied credentials" error message when installing Orchestrator?

Issue Description :

Troubleshooting Steps :

{Steps to verify : Verify it from Orchestrator server } : Check the SQL Database connection with ODBC Data Source using the below steps.

  1. Go to Start menu and enter ODBC Data Source 32 bit and press enter. Following window will appear and click on Add Button.
  2. Choose SQL Server from the following options.(Not the SQL Server Native Client)
  3. Enter the name, description (any) and choose the server that you are trying to connect. (Server name can be typed to avoid ‘(Not responding)’ error if we have more server lists)
  4. Select With SQL Authentication, and enter the same credentials that you are trying to connect. One can also use windows authentication if the logged in user on the current machine has access to the database.
  5. Check if the connection to the database server is successful.

The connection should be successful. If not, the DBA/infrastructure team should validate the connectivity between the server and the database.

If the connection is successful and the error still occurs, make sure that the DB user exists in the master DB as well. This can be checked by logging into the SQL DB via Microsoft Studio Manager. Do the following:

  1. Login to the database in question.
  2. Go to Databases->System Databases->master->Security->Users and expand the user folder.
  3. If the table fails to load, or the user is not listed in the table, it usually means that the DB user does not have a user account for the Master DB. The installer needs a user login for the Master db, so one needs to be created.
    • This scenario can occur when instead of using a traditional login model, the DB user is using a contained database model.
  4. Once the DB creates the user at the Master level, the installation should be able to proceed.
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