Verify item in a dropdown list

Hi everyone!
I need your help.
I have a dropdown list and i want to verify if an item is in that list or not.
How can i do that?
Thanks for your help

we can do it with find children activity

have a look here:

Hi @ppr thanks for your answer.
I tried but it doesn’t work.
I got this error when i run the workflow : “Assign: the sequence does not containany element.”
My dropdown list is like this

first thing that you can do: ensure that the FindScope is set to: FIND_DESCENDANTS

with your new given input you are dealing with a expandleable uistructure. This can maybe force to do some extra steps for verifying that the element is expanded.

So give a try on the find scope. If it is not working then share with us some structure details of this element. Thanks

Hi @Laetitia

Can u show the uiexplorer part ?


I got the same error.
What do you mean by structure details of this element?

for the analysis tasks we do need to

  • inspect the UiElement Structures
    expand and show us some details

  • the find children settings:

    • the selector
    • the filter

give a try for the selector on

and for the filter:
<ctrl role='list item' />

As each application has its specifics we have to check and find out the specifics

i tried and i still have the same error

then please share with us the details of the uistructure as mentioned above. Thanks


we guess that on the dom item you are interessted

just set thte target to the DOM element and expand its children. Here the further analysis can start