Verify Control Attribute acitivity is throwing an unknown error

Hello Everyone,

We are getting an error message while using “Verify Control Attribute” activity. Inside this activity we are using “Check App State” activity to wait for an UI element.

I am having Enterprise edition of UiPath Studio in which the Verify Control Attribute is working fine, whereas my colleague is using community version and getting an error message for the same activity. If I get his .xaml file and run it mine enterprise version it is throwing the same error message.

So the error is related to different version of UiPath studio or something else?

Please find the attached screenshot for more information.

Mohsin Khan

Error Message "Verify Control Attribute: An ActivityContext can only be accessed within the scope of the function it was passed into.
Object name: ‘System.Activities.NativeActivityContext’. "

Users comment : we are not using System.Activities.NativeActivityContext object anywhere in the flow.

Our team tried to debug this issue and we have found that if we are enabling TakeScreenshotifsucceded field in Verify control attribute activity, then only this error is thrown.

Also, if we use any other activity inside “Verify control attribute activity” instead of check app state, it is not throwing any error.

Do anyone have any inputs on the same?