Verifiy the arrived email and trigger (start application)

Hello All,

I want to verify in my outlook the arrived email in my outlook email and if (sujbect cintains concur)
i must trigger , start the application concur

What is the approch to need to use in order to resolve this one please?

If with get outlook with emails(different users) how to manage them ?

thank you

Hi @nora_ziani ,
1.You can use Get outlook mail message activity and set filter condition as
“@SQL=”“urn:schemas:httpmail:subject”" like ‘%concur%’" then start the job
2.For getting it from multiple user’s mail-Enter the mail id in Excel sheet and read the excel sheet to get email address as data table.
After that, Loop through all mail addresses using for each row in Data table activity. Inside that, you can place get Outlook mail message activity.

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Hello thank u for the solution ,
but in reframework , my I use every email as transaction

And for example, i must add condition which verify if user is 1 or second
because (in get email can be email of user 1 or user 2)

Thank u how we resolve this

Best regards

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