VDI machine - UiPath unable to recognize the checkbox

Dear Team - need a help here as my BOT fails to identify the check box in the web page where there are two check boxes and one of the need to checked at any time.
2 out of 7 times the BOT fails in identifying the checkbox; we have tried with anchors but no respite.

Also should I look for custom activity which could resolve but how?

Hello @RM_RPA and welcome to the community!

Did you try using new Computer Vision Activities?

Thank You for your response - you mean Computer Vision OCR? if so that will help to read only text out of image right? how can I make check box as clickable?

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I mean Computer Vision 2.0 Activity Pack.
There is a online tutorial how to use it, it is pretty useful sometimes when Studio cannot recognize elements properly

Thank you again - let me try and see if that helps.

Things You can try:

  1. Try sending Hotkey to check the checkBoxes.

  2. Use Anchor base - having an anchor of label next to the checkBox.