Hello. I have a scenario.
For an excel that takes data and an excel that synthesizes data when running excel 1 macros. What I want RPA to do is: “Each day will automatically create a new folder and retrieve .txt files from other folders (as long as yesterday + the other day) then run the macro in sheet 1 of excel 1. After running the data will be paste into sheet 2 of excel 1 (but not the correct layout of excel 2). So must edit: add columns, delete columns, delete blank lines and duplicate excel 2. after editing is complete, paste the value into excel 2.”
I’m wondering whether to edit the data and get it done with VBA or RPA. Give me some advice. Thanks

You can use RPA for data Creating Folder and Retrieving Data. You can use UiPath activities for data massaging (You can also use VBA and run it using UiPath Invoke VBA activity). For formating in Excel you can use VBA code and Run it using Invoke VBA Activity.

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thank you