VB.Windows compiler error on BC30311

variable in legacy works fine
but in Windows it shows errors
Complier error encountered processing expressing
error BC30311: value of type string() cannot be converted to String


as per screenshot strEmailTo is of type string and on right sise you are passing array of values that is a stringArray which is wrong

either remove brackets on right or change strEmailTo to string Array


Hi @YangYang

As you already created a variable of string type called in_EmailTo
In Assign activity just give as (ctrl+k) strEmailTo=in_EmailTo

No need of giving them in the flower braces


Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Hi below is the full screen
condition for if there is only one email address and there is an array of email address
Uploading: image.png…


you need not do the if condition at all…only the first assign should suffice…if there is no semi colon in string then only array with one value will be created automatically

Please try the same


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