Vb.net expression to traverse a loop inside a container in a website

I have a container in a website where I need to upload documents into each and every document separately. So, in order to do that what is the vb.net expression that can be used in order to traverse a loop for all the items inside that container?

Hi @vivek_Chowdary

use this snippet available in uipath

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your reply. But, unfortunately I am still not able to loop through the container.

Can you please your problem

if possible please share the screenshot of the web page where u wanna upload the file

ya sure, will upload the screenshot in a minute.

Now, I have to traverse through each and every field of this container.


Get the parent selector of the container and check whether you can able to loop the child.

Otherwise try


activity and the activity used for finding the children of the parent.


Pradeep Sridharan

I have tried using the findchildren activity, But its not working out.