VB issue

Hi All,

After downloading in SAP to excel.xls Invoke VBA getting an error output like 'Invoke VBA: Exception from HERSULT: 0x800A9C68, please advise

Hello @Gopala_Krishnan_A
Use Workbook activity instead of using excel application scope.
0x800A9C68 this error code is due to an excel issue, not in uipath.

Thanks Gokul issue got resolved, there is some vb script issue, thanks for the support

I have an another issue sap value is: 17856889.02 and Excel value is 17856889.019999 how to round of the both the values by using regux code


Try this



Otherwise use

Integer--> Cint(currentrow("ColumnName").tostring)
String--> Cint(currentrow("ColumnName").tostring).tostring