VB expression

Can anyone help me in learning VB expression. I need proper documentation about VB expression.


I am facing the same issue but from a different angle.

I began UiPath Development Foundation, and in many lessons, I see expressions, classes, functions, Now I know there is a docs.uipath.com, however, I am not able to find a full cover (alone) for all expressions or functions or classes,etc that is been used in the lessons where I can navigate to it and browse it and learn from it.

for instance, I reached to loops lesson, and the instructor in the video used an expression: Directory.GetFiles(folderpath), Now I searched for Directory.Get in docs.uipath.com and I found the expression is used in many cases, but this is not the case, I need to understand about this expression itself, so I could not find a list of expressions or functions, classes, etc.
Maybe I did not search well, can anyone help with that.

Kind Regards,