Vaviable Manager Improvements


I have some ideas to improve variable manager:

  1. All scopes overview - Sometimes, I create a variable in a wrong scope and if I want to set the right scope, I have to find the wrong scope that I set. Often, I just lost variable because I couldn’t find it so I created the same one with the right scope again. If there were overview of all defined variables, it would be much more comfortable.

  2. Variable usages - A lot of IDEs (for classic programming languages) can find all locates where a variable is used. I know that I could open some text editor and try to find locates where the variable is used there but it doesn’t seem very efficient to me.

  3. Variable type change - If I select a variable type and I want to change it by clicking on “Browse for Types …” so my current selected type is not displayed in “Type Name” line at the top of the opened window. Often I define a nested array in a array and if I want to edit it, I have to define the whole variable again.

  4. Variable type browser freezes - Sometimes, when I search for a variable type, the browser just freezes for a while.

Have a nice day.

  1. I’m not understand clearly but you have all data about variables (scopes, type etc) in variables tab.
  2. Using CTRL+F you can search through all variables by name or by based on files where those are used and you will see where exact variable is used (filename and activity).
  3. You don’t need to define whole path to variable. If you know what type of variable you need then just write it and all type which fits into this will show up with whole path. Example (I’m looking for jarray type):
  4. Regarding this, try to re-install application and make sure you are using the latest .Net Framework version.

re 1. But you could see it only in case the scope where the variable is declared is the current scope. I.e. variables declared in a nested sequence will not show if your current scope is the outer sequence. Still this could be solved by search like case 2.




1 . @J0ska wrote exactly what I have meant. Thanks. And yes, it would be solved by searching in point 2 but I still have not the full control of each variable in one place at the same time.

3 . Please have a look attached video (3.wmv). I only wanted to change List<Int16> to List<Int64> so I had to define the whole variable again with the right type. That seems as a problem to me if there is a bit complicated (more nested) variable type than on the video.

4 . Ok, I will update it.

5 . Variable sorting - I would like the list of variables to be always sorted in ascending order. If I sort it so, order is changed after clicking on an other scope. Please have a look attached video (5.wmv).

Thank you for your answers. :slight_smile: (1.4 MB)


Point 3, it’s a good example you gave me. I’m not sure if it will be possible but I will add this to track list. You’re right that it’s a bit nested.

Regarding point 5, I think that it’s actually a bug you’ve found over there. I will report it as well :slight_smile:
EDIT: I tested it in 19.10 version and can’t replicate this issue. Please check on your site as well. Seems that it has been fixed.


re. 1 I agree it would be fine to see all declared variables in single list.

re. 5 Default sorting is declaration order and it has a purpose: You could use a variable declared at early stage to initialize a variable declared at later stage. Therefore the order of processing is important. However the UI of variable manager might be improved, e.g. it could remember the sorting.

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The video is recorded with 19.10 version. I’ve just tested again and the bug persists. Have a try nested activities (sequence, if…).

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Got it :slight_smile: Reported, thank you very much!