Various Orchestrator Cloud Feature Requests

Here’s a list of small improvements to Orchestrator cloud that would make enterprise management easier…

Automations > Processes

  • Add filter for processes with pending version to promote

Automations > Jobs

  • Add column for “Has Trigger”, and show “None”, “Active”, “Disabled”. For “None” hyperlink to “add trigger” with job info prepopulated. For “Active or Disabled”, hyperlink to the triggers list filtered by job.

Automations > Triggers

  • Add ability to sort by next run time to be able to see which jobs are imminent
  • Similar to non-working days, add non-working times option to accommodate downtime/maintenance windows


  • Add filter for remaining (i.e. hide zeros)
  • Add sort by remaining to allow management to prioritize resources

Feel free to add to the list or comment. Thank you.

Forgot one…


  • Ability to ‘select all’, not just visible rows on page. We’ve had situations where 1000’s of records were added to a queue in error. Very painful to delete 50 rows at a time.

For Jobs ,

Option to filter jobs based on date range filter

Thank you for your suggestions. Our Orchestrator team will consider those in the future.

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This is very simple to solve, as the pagination is set as HTTP GET parameter. Just put 1000 in the size parameter and you will have 1000 items per page