Hi There,

Is there a way to see what is stored in the variables you have created once information is stored in them.

So like an output tab which shows you all the values of your variables during or at the end of your process.



Add log messages, or message box, after assigning some value to your variable, to know the values.


It’s good practice to use Write Line to create a history of your process while running it in Studio. Message Boxes are good too if you want to pause between actions.

Additionally, and probably what you are referring to with an Output tab, while running in Debug mode, there is tab called Locals that displays all variables as it runs through the activities.


Thanks Clayton/Mahesh

Also is there a way to view whats stored in a data table ?

Example from a range read from excel which is stored in a data table.


Only 2 ways I know is to use the Output Data Table activity to store it into a string, then output the data like that, or Write the datatable to csv or .xlsx and check the file.