Variables to add in Add Data Row activity

Hello Team,

How many variables can we add in Add Data Row activity in ArrayRow line?
Actually I need 37 variables in ArrayRow. Is it possible to add? Please help me in sorting the issue.


If it is not allowing directly try adding the data in an assign activity to an array variable and then pass the array variable in the add data row field


Hello Sir,

I tried adding the data in assign activity and deploy it in array to add data row field, but I was allowed to add only 16 variables and can’t exceed. If I take two add data row activities then the rest of the variables were adding in only one column.


Even in assign it allowed only 16?

If yes, Then try append to collection and create a list and then use list.toarray



Maximum is number of columns in the DataTable.
If number of columns in your datatable is less than 37, you need to add columns to exists 37 or more columns in it, in advance.


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