Variables not being found when Invoking Workflow

I created the following separate workflows and then used the “Main” workflow to invoke them: “Scrape each PO Number”, “Open COSS”, and “Search by PO Number”. The Scrape each PO Number workflow has a data table that is being saved to a variable which is to be used later in the Search by PO Number workflow. When I invoke each of the workflows in the Main workflow UiPath claims that the variable cannot be found in the Search by PO Number workflow. I have tried turning the variables into arguments and re running the workflow, but it constantly gives me the same error. I have searched for many hours on multiple UiPath forum topics and none of them seem to solve my problem.

Hey @michaelwar,

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Have you tried import arguments while invoking the workflow.Once you will import the arguments then you have to assign the values to each argument.i guess you have missed the import part.

Hi @amarasto
I tried to import the arguments when invoking the workflow and was able to do that successfully in the past. How do I assign the values to each argument? I thought assigning the values within each workflow was how I was supposed to do this.

Once you have imported the arguments successfully then click on the edit arguments button there you will see the panel where you can assign the values to the arguments.

Do you mean assign the direction for the workflow? If so, I have tried this already. I am attaching a screenshot of what appears when I click edit arguments.

why value field is empty for each argument? any specific reason :thinking:

Do I need to something here? How do i connect the value field with the variables from another workflow?

It should look something like this.

Values at the left hand side are the workflow arguments either in or out and the values on the right side are the values or arguments assigned to these arguments.